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Shooting Sparks Hockey

When Shooting Sparks approached me to design their logo and brand identity, I knew it was an opportunity to create something that would stand out. Not only do I love hockey, but I love working with clients who want to create something that reflects their vision—and Shooting Sparks was no exception.


I wanted to convey the idea of sparks in a unique, eye-catching way. Creating a logo with a prominent “S” (for Shooting) was imperative. The negative space of the "S" was utilized to convey o hockey sticks. To finalize the logo design, a spark insignia was positioned at the apex of the logo. The color scheme selected was dark blue and gold, representing the concept of a spark and the tones of the coast of Broward County. The result is a bold, distinctive logo that's easy to remember and hard not to love.


When Shooting Sparks came to me again to design their new facility, I was more than happy to direct the project. Using images of local south Florida hockey players, I created an exterior window wrap design that would highlight the energy of the sport while also reflecting the brand identity created by my previous work with Shooting Sparks. This unique design gives the space an energetic feel to the facility while still maintaining a cohesive look with my previous work on their interior design.


The interior design was designed to be simple while heavily influenced by the brand's standards and design elements. It needed to feel branded without feeling cramped. Colors were strategically chosen to help elongate or add volume to the

training facility. The result was a modern, fresh and cohesive look for patrons to train in.


The goal was to create an environment that was both inviting and exciting for clients, but also functional for employees. The space needed to be able to host entire hockey teams, as well as small groups of people. Working with existing brand standards, I created an environment that matched Shooting Spark's vision, while creating a space that would be comfortable for all players & coaches.

Shooting Sparks Right Side of Training Facility

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