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Gregson Family Dentistry

The branding and content work done for Gregson Family Dentistry was focused on creating a fun, light-hearted, and comforting feel that pays homage to the family dental practice's Koi pond which features live turtles. Water tones and fun patterns were used throughout the branding to express the theme of water, while a friendly mascot named Stewie, inspired by the turtles in the pond, was created to add a touch of playfulness and brand recognition to the design. In keeping with the family theme, a fun, youthful font was used to enhance the overall feeling of energy and lightheartedness.

Gregson Logo Open.png
Gregson Family Logo Stack.png
Gregson Font Choice.png
Gregson Pattern Choice.png
Gregson Family Dentistry Mock iphone.png
Gregson Social Posts.png
Gregson Business Card.png
Gregson BIllboard.png

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