• Dillon Hearns

Remaking a Stranger Things Aesthetic.

There are a ton of influences to my work, but a common theme seems to always relate to the past. There's something that draws me to the tangible aspect of how visual works were created in the past. The hand-drawn, airbrushed, and sketched works that were the standard 40+ years ago. I love them. One of my absolute favorite looks is the movie posters that lined the halls of theaters before I was born. The hierarchy of characters with the looming antagonist overarching all of them. The drama, intrigue, and glimpse into the world of these titles have always fascinated me.

The Inspiration.

Luckily for me, several modern works share this interest. One of my favorite shows that captures the mystique of sci-fi and the nostalgia of the 1980s is Stranger Things. Aside from the actual show, the art direction of the show is spectacular. Kyle Lambert is the artist behind the bulk of the visual collateral and a big inspiration for me. His promotional pieces for season 3 of the show particularly stand out to me. The elements of his works were the inspiration for why I sat down on a Saturday morning & tried my hand at recreating his work. Here are the result and processes.

The Imagery.

The Process.


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