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Nestled In The Avocado Groves.

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

The Redlands has always interested me and unnerved me. Perhaps it's this strange tie between what should feel familiar (it's still Dade County) and what feels completely alien. Perhaps it's the isolation from the norms I'm used to. Perhaps it's the thought that I could probably do anything down here, and get away with it. Yet, that mentality kind of applies to all of Miami, theoretically. Regardless, I spent an afternoon helping my sister move from her rented house in the Redlands. A 1970's masterpiece in disarray. That might be the best way to describe this home. Built to every design trend known to man at the time, it kept its promise in the form of stained glass, gold trim and an abundance of mirrors.

Prior to her arrival, the house sat vacant for some time. Before its vacancy, a prominent South-Dade drug dealer occupied it. How intriguing! I can only imagine this dodgy man wandering around this 70's-esque mini-mansion; furthermore, in seclusion, adorned by the finest earth tone patterns one could imagine. You think he was wearing a robe?

I do too.

The house is strange. It is filled with strange things too. Strange things such as Franklyn D. Roosevelt's apparent wheelchair, A mummy coffin (did not check for mummy) and a Panamanian ex-president's desk. All of these items belong to the landlord. The home came furnished, I guess. The house is also equipped with an elevator.

As the years have passed, this oddity of a home has begun to show signs of age, externally. Hurricane Irma was not particularly forgiving either. The property once lush and secluded from the main road, is now barren and almost see through from a driver's vantage point. The home's external mystique might cause one to wonder, ponder what exactly is in there, who is in there.

Well, we have a Mummy for starters.

The future of this house is up to just that, the future. Miami is filled with so many strange, yet beautiful places. I think the Redlands is fascinating. An area that is overlooked to most Miami residents hosts such unique structures and stories like this one.

Go Explore.


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