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Beatti Bellicosi Publishing

The book covers for "Trust No One," "Grasping Smoke," and "One More Move" were exciting projects to design. The novels feature the adventures of Cade Taylor, an undercover Vice Narcotics detective in Miami, FL. Filled with action and adventure, it's a glimpse into the dark underworld of Miami's drug trade.


The book cover designs for all three books aim to encapsulate the dark personal environment of Cade Taylor as he navigates through the tropical landscape of South Florida. Dark, mysterious, and ominous tones were selected in all three book cover designs.


Cade Taylor is a man with many secrets; he keeps his past buried deep. His work as an undercover narcotics officer has caused him to become emotionally detached from other people who might be working for his enemies—or worse yet—might be one of them. The covers aim to show the juxtaposition of Cade's dark personal enterprises in the splendor and beauty that is South Florida.


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