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"Well, how did I get here?" - David Byrne, Talking Heads

The freedom felt on a BMX bike will change your perspective, especially in the days of your adolescence. From the moment you hop on and start pedaling, every street becomes a different story, a new vibrant scene. With each turn feeding off the other, it creates the spark needed to keep going. To keep discovering new forms of inspiration. Every pedal unlocks the potential of what's to come. Whether that's dropping down a set of stairs at high speeds or trying a new trick, it all burns in your brain like a camera film that needs to be exposed. The excitement of documenting where you're going, and creating the perfect video montage, or photograph is what led me to the career path I have today. Inspiring others by what inspires me, how great it is to have that freedom of expression.

In my 15+ years of exploring programs, mediums, and equipment under the creative umbrella, I've learned quite a bit. A lot of trial and error and a lot of persistence. But ultimately, a ton of fun. Creating work that inspires me and leaves a lasting impression is what drives me each and every day. Whether it was NFL Films, American Express, or an independent, small business, it's always been an honor for me to help achieve each brand's goal. I look forward to seeing how we can do the exact same for you & your business.


Marketing Consultation in Jacksonville, FL

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